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Started in December 2005 by young entrepreneurs with big dreams, Picsquare is leading online photo service in India. At, Picsquare you can upload, view, share and order online high quality prints of digital photographs. Also create products like t-shirts, mugs, calendar, and greeting cards using your favorite photos. Here at Picsquare, we have an experienced printing network and a reliable delivery channel to send photo prints and photo gifts throughout India, at your doorstep.

It is the space between hello and goodbye that one can't do without... Here memories in form of photographs act as an amiable medium to brim this space. It becomes an effective medium to convey memories, emotions and moments with near and dear ones.

Unlike a dream that comes with a lovely sleep, only to be broken with the first light, unlike a mark that imprints on the sand, only to be erased with a fresh tide; photographs sustains memories, creating imprints of joy and contentment. Thereby, creating a feeling of closeness.

Sometimes, while we are miles apart, this effective medium of communion, becomes inaccessible to us. There are not enough ways that could enable us to do this without adding too much inconvenience.

Manish, acquired his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT(Mumbai). After completing his undergraduate studies, he moved to USA for further studies. There, he pursued his MS degree in Engineering from the Purdue University. He returned to India, soon after and worked with a high profile Bioinformatics company as a module leader

Manish was born and brought up in Bhilai, a small town of Central India, known for its steel plant. Being a son of a businessman, he was always passionate and was keen to learn more about entrepreneurship. Thus, following his father's footsteps in creating an enterprise.
Kartik, completed his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay. After completing his graduation he went on to take industry experience for a year and a half before co-founding Picsquare with his partner/room-mate Manish Agrawal. Prior to Picsquare, he worked for a software firm and later with a multinational pharmaceutical company.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, his entrepreneurial aspirations took shape in his early days at IIT, where he went on to become an integral part of the Entrepreneurship Cell at the prestigious Institute, and ultimately led him to create an enterprise.

Manish, while in the States, traveled extensively and thus wished to share his enchanting experiences with his near and dear ones in India. Unfortunately, no service was accessible enough for him to send the photos he clicked. Kartik, likes to brainstorm about various ideas. Picsquare, thus originated, as a result of the brainstorming sessions, Manish and Kartik had in their spare timings.

At, Picsquare you can upload, view, share and order high quality prints of the digital photographs online. Create your own personalized photo gifts such as calendars, cards, mugs and T-shirts and get them printed and delivered to your loved ones, conveniently. Here at Picsquare, we have a experienced printing network and a reliable delivery channel to send photo prints and photo gifts throughout India, at your doorstep

So, come and enliven your memories with Picsquare!!!
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